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Radiolucent Spine Frame
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Spine: Radiolucent Spine Surgery Frame
The Radiolucent Spine Surgery Frame is a platform used to perform less complex spine surgeries. The Spine Frame has a higher patient weight capacity than the Mizuho OSI Wilson™ Frame, of 500 lbs. (227 kg.). In addition, the Skin Care™ Cover disposables for the Spine Surgery Frame are comprised of moisture-absorbing foam, with a low shear, Tyvek® backing. The Frame is used as a platform to perform spine surgeries. Its curved shape creates the desired reverse lordosis needed to open the intervertebral spaces. The frame is designed to fit standard OR Tables. The Frame has a patient weight limit of 500 lbs. (227 kg.) The Frame enables the patient’s abdomen to hang free during procedures. It is also radiolucent and allows for unrestricted C-arm access. The removable crank is used to adjust the amount of flex and tension in the patient supports. Every Frame comes with a storage cart and one case of Skin Care Cover disposables.
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