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Heavy Duty Stirrups

  Easily Accommodates Patients with Larger Calves!

The Heavy Duty Stirrup is an upgrade of the Standard Stirrup. The reinforced rod and joint assembly and the boot make the system capable of positioning a patient weighing up to 720 lbs. (327 kg). Though designed for large patients, this product is still appropriate for use with the general patient population.

• 720 lbs. (327 kg) Patient Weight Capacity – Support lithotomy
  positioning for very large patients.
• Floating Boot – Self-adjusting boot minimizes pressure on the
  calf, when moving the stirrup.
• Lift-Assist – Allows easy movement of the leg when placing it
  in the desired position.
• Twist Release Handle – Provides easy intraoperative
  adjustment without compromising the sterile field. Simply twist
  the handle to move the leg holder in all directions.
• Lithotomy Range – Set the stirrup in any position between
   +84° to –33° lithotomy.
• Abduction Range – Set the stirrup in any position between
  +25° to –9° abduction.
• Lithotomy & Length Indicators – Help ensure precise

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uro catcher Uro Catcher System
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uro catcher Stirrup Cart
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