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Lift-Assist™ Beach Chair


Make Positioning Easy. Use Lift-Assist One-Handed Positioning.

The Lift-Assist Beach Chair is the latest and most advanced option for positioning during shoulder procedures. The product offers unobstructed posterior access, and repositioning the patient is quick and easy. The lift-assist design allows for nearly effortless positioning as the pistons support most of the patient’s weight.

• Choice in Positioning - Positioner attaches next to either break
   of the surgical table seat section.
• Lift-Assist - Dramatically reduces the effort to lift heavy patients.
• 500 lbs. (227 kg) Weight Capacity - Helps position larger
• Integrated Clamps with Handles - Makes it easier to set-up.
• Enhanced Width Extension - 205⁄8" - 247⁄8" (52.4 cm - 63.2
   cm). Allows chair to mount on a wide array of tables.
• Head Rest Design - Allows greater movement to
   accommodate shorter patients.
• Unique Table Pad Integration - Prevents gapping between the
   pad and chair.
• Sliding Headrest - Reduces stress on neck when raising and
   lowering the patient.
• Expanded Surgical Access - Large cut-out for excellent surgical
• Lightweight - Under 30 lbs. (14 kg) allowing for a single-
   person setup.
• Articulation Range - 0° - 90°

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